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Alejandra, CSULB Freshman, Curious and Contemplative

Tweeting as Helen Ocampo

Write #1

Honestly, the CF-ID project is one of the stranger things I have done. The challenge was to create a person with unique interests, friends, and family. I began by going to photobucket and finding an album with a bunch of photos of a person. One I found an account I gave the person a name, hence the creation of Helen Ocampo.

I decided to create a Twitter for Helen rather than creating a Facebook or Tumblr. I made this decision because I thought it would be too difficult to get my friend requests accepted on Facebook and it would be extremely difficult to accumulate followers on Tumblr. I had never used Twitter a day in my life before Helen, so it definitely was a learning experience for me.

It was difficult for Helen to gain followers because she had no idea how to go about finding normal people on twitter. However, it was easy to find public figures on twitter - they did not follow back. I tried to make Helen seem as normal as possible so I used some of her photobucket pictures and posted them onto twitter. I also convinced my sister, who has a twitter, to follow Helen and to interact with Helen. I gained some followers as Helen began to get the hang of Twitter and take part of the trending phrases on Twitter. I used the trends to make her interest in Taylor Swift public.

Sun Mad
Ester Hernandez
Companion Project
I am a Biology Major. I strive to become a Veterinarian in the future so my companion would be helpful when diagnosing animals.
I thought it would be helpful if my companion was amorphous and could take any shape or really do ABSOLUTELY anything I needed it to do.
So this means it could become a dog and communicate with the dog and then it would tell me what is going on with the dog. Consider how doctors can communicate with us to understand how we feel and therefore have the advantage of communication to diagnose us.
My companion could also take the shape of any instrument I need to even further investigate the bodily functions within the animal. Meaning, that it would become an x-ray machine or perform scans without the need to inject fluids into the body to see what is blocking bodily functions from preforming as they should.  

Counterfactual Identity

Character Sheet

a) Helen Ocampo

14 years old

b) I am the middle child in my filipino family. I love to make music with my guitar and I even sing a little bit but I’m too shy to play to an audience. I want to go to college one day and study music.

c) I am 4’11” and weigh 113 lbs. My hair is shoulder length and dark brown. My eyes are dark brown as well. My skin is light brown.

d) My shirt size is a small. I wear a size 1 jeans. My dress size is a 2. I am a size 6 shoe.

e) My mothers maiden name is Domingo

f) I was born in Fullerton, CA

g) My first pets name is Scquishy

h) My favorite band, well artist, is Taylor Swift

i) I do not have a car

j) I love the Barcelona Soccer Team\

k) My favorite color is red

l) I go to Kaiser Prep, K-8 school

m) We are the Huskies

n) I am done with Middle School, June 18… This year!

o) i do not have a job


Eva & Franco Mattes vs. Domenico Quaranta

I began by watching the video on the artists Eva and Franco Mattes. My immediate thoughts to the video were simply that their art appears to be extremely interesting. The artists expressed that they always wanted to stray away from what was expected from them. In their art gallery, it seemed as though they enjoyed taking public figures and twisting their meaning. For example, the Mickey Mouse holding a tray of human bones. Mickey Mouse represents youth and happiness but the image of the human bones change the idea behind the sculpture. Now it could represent a variety of things such as what the large corporation behind the Mickey figurine feeds off of. By the end of the video, I was prepared to look up the artists and find any galleries they might have. The article following the video, soured this fuel and curiosity.

Domenico Quaranta began by explaining that Eva and Franco Mattes often stole what belonged to other artists. They even launched a website which was completely plagiarized! Domenico interviewed several of arts and companies which Eva and Franco stole from and the feelings were mixed. Some were still unhappy with the artists while others understood that the artists were manipulating their original idea and making it their own. 

I believe that in some instances Eva and Franco violated the rights of other individuals but not every time. Eva and Franco generally created new ideas from the ideas of others. I do not believe that they should be frowned upon because of this, I mean after all they are artists. Often times what some artists may consider a revolutionary piece is actually similar to a piece from the other side of the world. It can be hard to be completely original because ideas are constantly flowing in and out and around. I commend the risks the pair have taken for their art and I hope to see more of these two in the future.